On March 11th, join a local blitz to report mobility issues to 311, your city's non-emergency line.

National 311 Day is a movement to help cities understand where they need to improve walking, biking, and rolling infrastructure. Report broken sidewalks, missing curb cuts, cars parked in bike lanes, and more using your city's 311 line.

Anyone can host an event: just gather a few friends and report the issues that are important to you. If you don't see an event near you, just fill out our form and we'll help you host!

311 helps Pittsburgh's Department of Mobility and Infrastructure understand and address mobility issues throughout the city. I wholeheartedly support the National 311 Day effort to bring awareness to 311 systems in our city and across the nation.

Kim Lucas

Director, Pittsburgh Director of Mobilty and Infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions:

It's your city's non-emergency line

Many cities in the United States use 311 as an alternative to 911 for non-emergencies. You can use it to report a range of issues that your city is (or should be) responsible for fixing. On 311 Day, we are focusing on mobility issues, for example:

  • Crosswalks without ramps, making them inaccessible to wheelchair users
  • Broken-up sidewalks, making them difficult for stroller-pushers
  • Vehicles parked on sidewalks, making them inaccessible to pedestrians
  • Bike lanes with missing flexposts, allowing cars to park in them

Find a neighborhood event near your -- or host your own

Look at the map above to find a neighborhood event -- a walk, bike ride, or tabling event. Meet your route leader at the time listed, and they'll teach you how to use your city's 311 system. This may include an app, a website, the Dashcam for your Bike One-Tap 311 Reporting, or simply a phone call to 3-1-1.

Yes! (For many report types.)

Not everything will have immediate responses, but in general, cities that use 311 find it to be a useful tool for citizens to communicate with their city government. Response times vary by city and by report type. Here are some examples of timelines you might see:

  • Days: Debris in a bike lane. icy city-owned sidewalks, or broken traffic signals
  • Weeks: Potholes in a bike lane, fallen flexposts, or crumbling truncated domes.
  • Months or years: Items that require political willpower or funding, such as vehicles parked in bike lanes (which requires more protected bike lanes), or nonexistent sidewalks.
All reports can still be useful for the city to hear your voice and understand the problems you encounter getting around your city.

You are!

National 311 Day is a decentralized way for community groups to organize their own events. This website and the National 311 Day Map are hosted by Dashcam for your Bike.

RSVP management, discounted phone mounts, and tech support

We'll collect RSVPs on EventBrite and let you know how many attendees have signed up to attend your event. We can also help you find the best way to report issues to your city's 311, whether it's an app, a call, or a website.

For bike rides hosted by a 501(c)(3) organization, we can provide a 50% discount on up to 25 Dashcam-compatible smartphone mounts.

This will help keep your riders safe while riding: attendees can record their entire ride, then submit 311 reports when it is safe to stop. The Dashcam for your Bike app will provide a photo and GPS coordinates which can be used to fill out your city's 311 form.

In select cities, the Dashcam app allows in-app one-tap 311 reporting.

Email hello@dascham.bike to request discounted phone mounts.

Fill out our form

If approved, we'll add your information to the map above. We recommend you advertise the event through your existing channels. You can host a walk, bike ride, or tabling event and you are responsible for teaching attendees what to look out for and what to submit to 311. We'll collect RSVPs on EventBrite and let you know how many attendees have RSVPd to your event.


RSVP as a host to have your event added to the map above. RSVP as an attendee to let your host know you'll be there.